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Hold the Salt

Be kind to your ice. Instead of using salt to cover winter’s icy patches, try kitty litter or fine sand. Both are cheap and easy solutions that are gentle on pet’s paws and spring’s plants.

Create a Paper Trail

How annoying is it when a typo renders your printed page worthless? Wait! It’s not a total loss. Draw an X over the used side and save it for something else – interoffice printing or scratch paper.

Dear John

Studies show we’re lousy at recycling our bathroom stuff, even though most is green-friendly. Why? No blue box within reach. The fix: Downsize your regular trashcan and use the extra room for a blue bin.

Bright Idea

We all know about the ‘swear jar’,  how about adding a ‘light box’ to your household? Every time someone leaves an empty room without turning off the lights, make them cough up a quarter for the cause.

Sweater Weather

Did you know you burn more calories in cold weather? If that’s not incentive enough to knock back your thermostat, how’s this: By turning it down just 2° you’ll save up to 2,000 pounds of CO2/year.


Do you always order ice cream in a cup? Rethink it. Take it from us, cones make the experience much sweeter and there’s no indigestion at the thought of landfills filled with empty cups and spoons.

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