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This site rates the world's largest companies on their climate impact, spurring corporate climate responsibility and conscious consumption.

The best carbon footprint calculators for home and business that we’ve found.
*free tools available

Canadians can use this site to find easy and practical renewable energy solutions for their homes, businesses, and transportation.

green-washing exposed

Comprehensive coverage from the Wall Street Journal on a study identifying egregious green-washing practices, especially around label claims.


Simple questions for a complicated world

How can I best participate in Citizen Capitalism? That’s a question we’ve heard a lot since launching our site. People tell us they like the idea, but aren’t sure how to work it into their life. Well, this blog is abou ....


Contributing to a Better World

What’s your major contribution to creating a better world?

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In 20 countries around the world, voting is the law. Australia, Belgium, Greece and Chile have all decreed that cit ....

There was a bit of a flap this week in Toronto when it was revealed that up to 20% of the debris put in the recycli ....

Work. It’s what we do. Recent estimates suggest we spend 100,000 hours of our adult lives working. At its best, i ....

The Big Easy

Be kind to your ice. Instead of using salt to cover winter’s icy patches, try kitty litter or fine sand. Both are cheap and easy solutions that are gentle on pet’s paws and spring’s plants.

How annoying is it when a typo renders your printed page worthless? Wait! It’s not a total loss. Draw an X over the used side and save it for something else – interoffice printing or scratch paper.

Studies show we’re lousy at recycling our bathroom stuff, even though most is green-friendly. Why? No blue box within reach. The fix: Downsize your regular trashcan and use the extra room for a blue bin.