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MARCH 14TH 2011

Decisions, Decisions…

Did you know that the adult human makes up to 35,000 decisions a day? Tiring, huh? No wonder we fall back on habits – our autoreply to life’s challenges. It’s just easier that way because we don’t have the time or en ....

MARCH 6TH 2011

Yah, yah — but what is it, really?

So, we’ve quietly been live for a couple of weeks, sharing our purpose and our content with a small group of people. We’ve had lots of positive comments, and our membership is growing. (Look right and then up—see our ....


Simple questions for a complicated world

How can I best participate in Citizen Capitalism? That’s a question we’ve heard a lot since launching our site. People tell us they like the idea, but aren’t sure how to work it into their life. Well, this blog is abou ....


The Power of 1: You.

Citizen Capitalism is a philosophy that we think is going to change the world. Good thing, because depending on who you listen to, it needs changing quite badly. Between chronic wars, climate changes, declining resources, and ....


2010 Consumer Council Survey: The action gap

In early 2010, the Consumers Council of Canada did a study to answer the question: “What enhances the credibility of social responsibility claims among Canadian consumers?” It included focus groups, a web survey, and one- ....


Why a green scorecard isn’t about the environment

Of course it is. But we at CC would argue that’s not the most important point to be taken from the recent Green Scorecard for Toronto, commissioned by the GTA Civic Action Alliance (hmm, must check this organization out) a ....

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In 20 countries around the world, voting is the law. Australia, Belgium, Greece and Chile have all decreed that cit ....

There was a bit of a flap this week in Toronto when it was revealed that up to 20% of the debris put in the recycli ....

Work. It’s what we do. Recent estimates suggest we spend 100,000 hours of our adult lives working. At its best, i ....

The Big Easy

Be kind to your ice. Instead of using salt to cover winter’s icy patches, try kitty litter or fine sand. Both are cheap and easy solutions that are gentle on pet’s paws and spring’s plants.

How annoying is it when a typo renders your printed page worthless? Wait! It’s not a total loss. Draw an X over the used side and save it for something else – interoffice printing or scratch paper.

Studies show we’re lousy at recycling our bathroom stuff, even though most is green-friendly. Why? No blue box within reach. The fix: Downsize your regular trashcan and use the extra room for a blue bin.