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JULY 31ST 2013

Is Canada ready for online voting?

August 1 is by-election day where we live. There’s a big hue-and-cry about the fact that the government called the election in the middle of summer, resulting in forecasted participation rates as low as 20% amid allegations ....

JULY 15TH 2013

Shop till you drop, do it locally

Do you value the idea of shopping locally? Us too. That’s why were thrilled to share this cool new documentary project in which CC is one of many voices.

MARCH 26TH 2013

Where do you meet your “community”?

We just read a fascinating article in The Atlantic about charitable giving. Those at the top of the economic pile give about 1% of their income to charity, while those at the bottom give about 3%. But that’s not the whole s ....

MARCH 14TH 2013

Do we really throw out half the food we buy?

Astounding, isn’t it? Statistics show that in many industrialized countries, we throw away almost 50% of our food. The whole system leaks — grocery stores and restaurants are guilty of tossing, too — but much of it happ ....

MARCH 13TH 2013

food waste

Is it time to offer online voting?

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What did the US election teach us about CC?

One of the tenets of our nascent movement is personal responsibility. You have rights as a citizen, sure, but equally importantly, you have responsibilities.

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In 20 countries around the world, voting is the law. Australia, Belgium, Greece and Chile have all decreed that cit ....

There was a bit of a flap this week in Toronto when it was revealed that up to 20% of the debris put in the recycli ....

Work. It’s what we do. Recent estimates suggest we spend 100,000 hours of our adult lives working. At its best, i ....

The Big Easy

Be kind to your ice. Instead of using salt to cover winter’s icy patches, try kitty litter or fine sand. Both are cheap and easy solutions that are gentle on pet’s paws and spring’s plants.

How annoying is it when a typo renders your printed page worthless? Wait! It’s not a total loss. Draw an X over the used side and save it for something else – interoffice printing or scratch paper.

Studies show we’re lousy at recycling our bathroom stuff, even though most is green-friendly. Why? No blue box within reach. The fix: Downsize your regular trashcan and use the extra room for a blue bin.