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July 15th 2013

Shop till you drop, do it locally

Do you value the idea of shopping locally? Us too. That’s why were thrilled to share this cool new documentary project in which CC is one of many voices.

March 26th 2013

Where do you meet your “community”?

We just read a fascinating article in The Atlantic about charitable giving. Those at the top of the economic pile give about 1% of their income to charity, while those at the bottom give about 3%. But that’s not the whole s ....

March 14th 2013

Do we really throw out half the food we buy?

Astounding, isn’t it? Statistics show that in many industrialized countries, we throw away almost 50% of our food. The whole system leaks — grocery stores and restaurants are guilty of tossing, too — but much of it happ ....

July 30th 2012

Do you choose what you eat?

That seems like a strange question, but it’s not as weird as you think. According to a recent study out of Cornell University, people estimate they make 15 food and drink choices a day, while the actual number is 200. So w ....

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