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August 11th 2011


It’s been an interesting summer for weather. We’ve had more heat than we can remember, but only a fraction of our normal rainfall. This can be said for a lot of North America and Europe as well. Perhaps it’s because of ....

February 14th 2011

Why a green scorecard isn’t about the environment

Of course it is. But we at CC would argue that’s not the most important point to be taken from the recent Green Scorecard for Toronto, commissioned by the GTA Civic Action Alliance (hmm, must check this organization out) a ....

January 4th 2011

Taking a reflective look in oil-stained waters

How would you like to be Bob Dudley, the head of BP? At least he wasn’t the guy running the company when the Gulf of Mexico blowout happened, though he was the guy leading the on-the-ground response. For his efforts, he was ....

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