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July 31st 2013

Is Canada ready for online voting?

August 1 is by-election day where we live. There’s a big hue-and-cry about the fact that the government called the election in the middle of summer, resulting in forecasted participation rates as low as 20% amid allegations ....

November 27th 2012

What did the US election teach us about CC?

One of the tenets of our nascent movement is personal responsibility. You have rights as a citizen, sure, but equally importantly, you have responsibilities.

June 9th 2012

What the world needs now? Grads with ‘tude

As graduation season winds down, we have the chance to reflect on a number of inspirational speeches by a diverse group of thought leaders.

May 6th 2011

Memo to Harper, et al: You work for us

The Canadian electorate just gave a majority mandate to the Conservative Party, so if you’re like most citizens you’re sitting back and thinking three things: • Whew, no more federal elections for at least four years. ....

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