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June 13th 2011

Do you travel with your values?

As we reach mid-June here in the frozen northland (maybe “soggy northland” is more apt), many of us are counting the days until our vacation. Whether you’re headed to a favourite campsite, or hopping on a plane to somew ....

June 3rd 2011

Get fresh this weekend!

What gives? In virtually everything we do, we’re simplifying, reducing, eliminating or shortening our routines. But when the season of farmers’ markets springs to life, we find ourselves going out of our way to get to the ....

May 19th 2011

Act out! The world benefits

Most of the people we chat with are aware that their personal choices have an impact on the economy, the environment, and society in general. That said, there is still a temptation to think small about that impact, and to dis ....

May 6th 2011

Memo to Harper, et al: You work for us

The Canadian electorate just gave a majority mandate to the Conservative Party, so if you’re like most citizens you’re sitting back and thinking three things: • Whew, no more federal elections for at least four years. ....

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