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November 27th 2012

What did the US election teach us about CC?

One of the tenets of our nascent movement is personal responsibility. You have rights as a citizen, sure, but equally importantly, you have responsibilities.

July 30th 2012

Do you choose what you eat?

That seems like a strange question, but it’s not as weird as you think. According to a recent study out of Cornell University, people estimate they make 15 food and drink choices a day, while the actual number is 200. So w ....

June 17th 2012

Change the world — love your labour!

Work. It’s what we do. Recent estimates suggest we spend 100,000 hours of our adult lives working. At its best, it gives us meaning and a sense of achievement. Paradoxically, it gives us freedom. Work helps us feed our fami ....

June 9th 2012

What the world needs now? Grads with ‘tude

As graduation season winds down, we have the chance to reflect on a number of inspirational speeches by a diverse group of thought leaders.

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