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What is Citizen Capitalism?

A movement that believes we all have the power to change the world, one act a time.

Why do I need Citizen Capitalism?

As individuals we have more opportunities than ever to create change in our world. That’s an exciting realization, but a bit overwhelming, too.  That’s why you need Citizen Capitalism in your life. Our online community will guide and encourage you with new thinking, easy tips and great links.

What do Citizen Capitalism joiners get?

In a few words, support and inspiration. We’re not buying or selling anything beyond the idea that as citizens we already have what we need to make change: ourselves. To that end, we provide members with timely updates to help foster individual strengths and raise consciousness.

Who runs Citizen Capitalism?

We actually never think about Citizen Capitalism in terms of being “run.” It’s more organic, a cool idea that anyone can own.  That said, there are real people behind the movement who meet regularly to manage the paperwork and the website, work on new projects (there’s a book coming soon!) and facilitate speaking engagements.  Basically, we’re a non-partisan, not-for-profit group who cares about the world.

How can I participate in Citizen Capitalism?

There are lots of ways! Anytime you do something for the good of the world you are participating. As well, you can grow the movement by sharing this thinking with others. When you pass the word to everyone you know, the sphere of influence grows. Think about starting a Citizen Capitalism chapter in your community: Choose a project of focus and then recruit neighbours, community leaders and government officials to act.

You can also participate in our online community.  Join the conversations and debates on twitter @citzencaptalism or share your two cents at our site. The more voices and opinions we get, the more we have to discuss.

Are you affiliated with any political parties?

No. Citizen Capitalism has no affiliations with any political parties.

How did you get my email address?

We could only get it if you gave it to us. We don’t buy lists or solicit without permission.