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February 15th 2011

2010 Consumer Council Survey: The action gap

In early 2010, the Consumers Council of Canada did a study to answer the question: “What enhances the credibility of social responsibility claims among Canadian consumers?” It included focus groups, a web survey, and one- ....

February 14th 2011

Why a green scorecard isn’t about the environment

Of course it is. But we at CC would argue that’s not the most important point to be taken from the recent Green Scorecard for Toronto, commissioned by the GTA Civic Action Alliance (hmm, must check this organization out) a ....

February 12th 2011

Making plans for change

When we look around our neighborhoods and our lives and see so many things that we need to change, it’s tough not to feel overwhelmed.

January 26th 2011

Do You Have a Sincere Business?

That’s what it’s going to take to be successful in a world of radical transparency, where consumers have the power and are learning how to use it better all the time. Before you roll your eyes at the goody two-shoes no ....

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