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March 14th 2011

Decisions, Decisions…

Did you know that the adult human makes up to 35,000 decisions a day? Tiring, huh? No wonder we fall back on habits – our autoreply to life’s challenges. It’s just easier that way because we don’t have the time or en ....

March 6th 2011

Yah, yah — but what is it, really?

So, we’ve quietly been live for a couple of weeks, sharing our purpose and our content with a small group of people. We’ve had lots of positive comments, and our membership is growing. (Look right and then up—see our ....

February 28th 2011

Simple questions for a complicated world

How can I best participate in Citizen Capitalism? That’s a question we’ve heard a lot since launching our site. People tell us they like the idea, but aren’t sure how to work it into their life. Well, this blog is abou ....

February 17th 2011

The Power of 1: You.

Citizen Capitalism is a philosophy that we think is going to change the world. Good thing, because depending on who you listen to, it needs changing quite badly. Between chronic wars, climate changes, declining resources, and ....

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