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July 8th 2011

Come on people, we’re better than this

I must’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed today because when I took the dog for her morning walk everything I saw bugged me. We didn’t even go far, just around the block, which is about one square kilometer. What? I ....

June 23rd 2011

Endings make the best beginnings

June seems a weird time to talk about beginnings. That yearly honour usually goes to January, with September as the runner-up, reflecting the primacy of the calendar and the solemnity with which we approach the subject of sta ....

June 13th 2011

Do you travel with your values?

As we reach mid-June here in the frozen northland (maybe “soggy northland” is more apt), many of us are counting the days until our vacation. Whether you’re headed to a favourite campsite, or hopping on a plane to somew ....

June 3rd 2011

Get fresh this weekend!

What gives? In virtually everything we do, we’re simplifying, reducing, eliminating or shortening our routines. But when the season of farmers’ markets springs to life, we find ourselves going out of our way to get to the ....

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