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March 9th 2012

Why do we buy stuff that can’t be recycled?

There was a bit of a flap this week in Toronto when it was revealed that up to 20% of the debris put in the recycling stream actually ends up in landfill because it can’t actually be recycled. While some of the debris i ....

September 21st 2011

Does anything you do really matter?

We came across this Opinion piece in the NYT recently, and thought it deserved a combo platter of criticism and praise. READ MORE

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August 11th 2011


It’s been an interesting summer for weather. We’ve had more heat than we can remember, but only a fraction of our normal rainfall. This can be said for a lot of North America and Europe as well. Perhaps it’s because of ....

July 20th 2011

What’s your excuse?

By Guest Blogger: Theresa Diederich Someone far wiser than me once said that in order to change you have to first run out of excuses. This blog is an examination of excuses, of the comforting reasons we tell ourselves that ....

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