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JULY 15TH 2013 

Shop till you drop, do it locally

Do you value the idea of shopping locally? Us too. That’s why were thrilled to share this cool new documentary project in which CC is one of many voices.

The film will be ready by year’s end, so look for it at film festivals in 2014.

The project is the brainchild of two filmmakers from Midland, ON. It’s a pretty town on the shores of Georgian Bay, about 90 minutes north of Toronto. Like many towns of 15,000, it faces some significant challenges. It’s once-thriving downtown went through a difficult period where shoppers turned to shiny big stores on the outskirts, and to even bigger retail venues down the highway. It’s bouncing back now, thanks to new stores on the main street and the conscious effort of the local community to support them with their wallets.

Why does this matter? As anybody from Midland — or any small town  — will tell you, the downtown isn’t just a shopping area, it’s the heart of the community: a gathering place.

And it’s a perfect illustration of the point that when you buy something, you aren’t just buying a thing, you are voting for a system, for a way-of-life.

Think global, sure. But buy local, when you can. It makes a difference for everyone.



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