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MAY 19TH 2011 

Act out! The world benefits

Most of the people we chat with are aware that their personal choices have an impact on the economy, the environment, and society in general. That said, there is still a temptation to think small about that impact, and to dismiss it as inconsequential in the big picture. At Citizen Capitalism, we’re trying to reframe that thinking to help people realize that every act, regardless of size, is a powerful, controllable opportunity to make a statement about what is important to us. If more of us think and behave that way, good things will happen.

Some people point to a lack of time, money and information as barriers to making smarter daily choices.  Few of us have the luxury of being able to disregard time and money constraints, but fortunately we don’t have to. We can make smarter choices without spending more time or money. It’s one of the things we’re committed to here — pointing to resources that make it easier to make better choices.

If you have had a chance to look at our homepage video, you’ll know there is something else we’ve tried to do to help. We’ve suggested two questions that can serve as a guide in your daily decision-making:

• Does it help me without hurting others?

• Does it help me today without costing us tomorrow?

The first question speaks to the impact our choices — what we buy, eat, do and don’t do — has on others, here and elsewhere. The second question speaks to the footprint we leave with our choices.

We want to “life-test” these questions and their ability to guide choice. So we’ve created the Two Questions Project, and invited a few friends to tell us what it’s like to use these as decision-making filters. Stay tuned — in the coming weeks, we’ll be posting their thoughts and experiences as learning (and/or entertainment).

If you want to get a head start, take up the challenge yourself and send us your thoughts about how the two questions helped you — or didn’t. Either way, we’ll learn something, and that gets us all one step closer to a better world.



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