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APRIL 28TH 2011 

Democracy in action — it’s up to each of us

This week at Citizen Capitalism our attention is focused squarely on the impending federal election in Canada. It’s turned into a barn-burner, with the NDP polling at historic highs, the Liberals getting feisty, and the Conservatives looking like they’re heading to a resounding ‘no’ in response to their request for a majority.

It has been fascinating to watch this unfold given the crucial role that government must play as our tool for creating the world we as citizens want to live in. Yup, let’s be clear about that hierarchy. They work for us. We hire them. The mechanics for doing that is called a vote, something fewer and fewer of us have been using.

Much attention is being paid these days to the participation rate of young voters in recent elections. It sucks. We’ve been doing everything we can to work with other groups to change that.  Groups like leadnow and apathyisboring have done great work, as has the media. And particular thanks to Rick Mercer for his siren call to “scare the hell out of the people running this country—vote!” His rant was too good, here it is again:

On that same subject, we were also energized by a blog written by Ryan Kadowaki of the David Suzuki Foundation. Its theme is about the critical connection between voting and all the great things we, especially young Canadians, want for our country, society and future. His suggestion that voting should be thought of as part of our retirement savings program is an interesting way to look at it. Here’s the blog:

So we’ll watch with interest on May 2 to see how the election plays out. And after that, we’ll return to discussing other important topics, because at Citizen Capitalism we realize that while political democracy is a steppingstone, it’s only one on the path toward change.

One last thought—some of you may not be aware that we post two or three shorter comments each day on our Facebook community page: Check it out for daily updates, to post ideas for new blogs or to join the conversation.

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