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The Power of 1: You.

Citizen Capitalism is a philosophy that we think is going to change the world. Good thing, because depending on who you listen to, it needs changing quite badly. Between chronic wars, climate changes, declining resources, and governments we don’t like or trust, we’re all in a bit of a pickle.

Citizen Capitalism is born of a belief that our shared future is too important to leave in anybody’s hands but our own. Sure, government, business, and our fellow citizens will all play a big role in how our future unfolds, but the future really starts with each one of us. If we do our part, the rest will follow.

This isn’t about recreating your life, although some may take it that far and good for them if they do. For most of us, it’s about making smarter, more deliberate choices in our daily lives. It’s about using our power as citizens, as consumers, as employees, as family and as people to make the world a better place today and tomorrow.

We know more today about what’s good and bad for us and the world than we have at any time in our history. While we’re far from having all the answers, for better or worse we know more about the politicians we elect, the products we buy, the athletes we cheer for, and the companies we work for and invest in, all thanks to the magnifying glass called the internet. This means we can make more informed choices. And equally importantly, we can share what we know and what we’re doing with bigger circles of friends than ever before. Change will result.

Many people think that their choices don’t have much influence on the world. But they don’t recognize the power of one. Each Canadian is estimated to produce 24 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, directly and indirectly. 15 sitting members of parliament were elected with a margin of less than 1%.

Think of the impact of one in each of these cases. Now think of what happens if lots of “ones” choose to behave differently. Momentum is created. A movement is born. And the world is changed.

We want to start a movement of good. Good for our daily lives. Good for the planet. Good for democracy. Good for our communities. Good for our future, and our present.

We’ve created this site to be a community centre for the movement. We’ll do our best to find interesting facts, discussions, news, events, and links that will help people make better choices. But to be successful, we need you. If you’ve read this far, chances are you believe in what we’re trying to do. So join the discussions. Participate in the polls. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Send us links. Argue with us. Participate any way you can.

Remember the power of one.  And you have it. Please join us.

  • suave

    What a great intro. Engaging and informative without being preachy. Clearly sets the tone for what it is you are trying to do. No, check that, what ALL of us will be trying to do. Congratulations.


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